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Quotas service

Deprecated: This document provides a step-by-step tutorial on the Quota Usages manual installation on the already installed Platform.

This article describes configuration using an old ksonnet deployment. We are in the process of migrating these guides to reflect the current HELM3 deployment.


Here is the simplest setup for you to try the Quota Usages service. Database replication is disabled here. For this service to run you need to install the ClickHouse first. If you need high availability then ClickHouse must run as a replica set.

Enable Quota Usages

  1. Set the following variables in config.json:
    "iron_bank_clickhouse_uri": "http://[clickhouse_user]:[clickhouse_password]@[clickhouse_ip]:8123/iron_bank",
    "iron_bank_clickhouse_no_replica": "true",
    "iron_bank_uri": "http://iron-bank-service.platform.svc.cluster.local:3000"

    Replace [clickhouse_...] placeholders with actual values.

  2. Set the following variable in platform.json:
    "iron_bank_enabled": "true"
  3. Apply ksonnet
  4. Restart api Deployment to make it reload variables

Check an experimental page

Visit https://[your_domain]/c/[contract_id]/#/contract/[contract_id]/quota-usages (replace [your_domain] and [contract_id] with actual values). You should see an experimental dashboard with quota and actual usage.