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Support Process

Document describes a common approach for support of our OEM customers.

Support Levels

We define 3 levels of support and support involvement Level 1, 2 and 3.

Level 1

Level 1 support means, the users are getting immediate support directly from the people they contacted for help. Support agents on the 1st Level try to identify the problem and sort obvious problem causes out, for example issues like internet connectivity or credentials/login access problems.

In case support agent during conversation can’t identify and solve the customer problem he/she will try to gather as much information as possible proceeding with problem solving on the 2nd Level.

Level 2

Level 2 support works partially in asynchronous mode where more detailed problem analysis and investigation is required. Level 2 support works on prepared information from the conversation with the 1st Level such as detailed problem description, expected behaviour, actual behaviour etc. Level 2 support will try to reproduce the customer problem (if possible) and find a suitable solution.

Additional conversation with the customer could be required and initiated by the 2nd Level support agent.

Level 3

Level 3 - unless problem could be solved on the previous levels, on the 3rd level engineering teams are involved. It’s essential that problem could be reproduced by the Level 2 support so that engineers can work on the problem solution and test the hot-fix (if necessary).

Handover Criteria

Usually takes over 2nd Level support, for the 2nd Level to effectively help the customer following information needed to be collected by the 1st Level:

The document in reporing issues page gives the details.

  • Your contract ID, workspace ID and the flow ID - We need this to start our investigation.
  • When did it happen? - We would need this information to locate the events on our back-end.
  • Description including logs and screenshots - Describe in as much detail as possible including the logs and screenshots.
  • Steps to reproduce if you can - This would greatly help us to replicate the issue and provide the solution or a workaround for a time being.
  • Is this a blocker for you right now? - Explain how it blocks your work.
  • Priority: how soon you need solution? - What would be the latest acceptable time for you?